Got plans this weekend? No? Well, now you do. In case you didn't know, tomorrow is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, where comic book shops across the country open up their doors and give away a number of FREE COMICS to fans new and old from participating publishers. Yes, you read that right. Free. Comics. All day. Want to see what's going to be on display? Visit the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY site for info on participating stores and locations. Want to find your nearest comic shop? Use the very handy Comic Shop Locator. As far as what DC's got in store -- well, where to begin? We have the DC KIDS MEGA-SAMPLER, which features stories from all our kids titles, including the critically-acclaimed TINY TITANS and BILLY BATSON AND THE MAGIC OF SHAZAM. TINY TITANS features the fabulous storytelling and artwork of Art Baltazar and Franco, two creators that have really made a name for themselves with their endearing stories that appeal not only to kids, but older fans. Guys, what say you? "Awww yeah FCBD!!!! Free Comics- there ain't nothing better!!! Unless there's one with Tiny Titans, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, Batman Brave and Bold and the Superfriends- oh wait! there is!!" Franco said. "AND it also has a cover drawn by both Art and myself (historical for me)! I'm really excited about this- we've not only been a part of this for the past copule of years but it's just so cool to be able to get new readers into DC because of this book! Aww yeah awesome!" "FCBD will Rock! Can't wait to hear what the kids think of our all SUPER preview of Tiny Titans!" Baltazar said. "Aw Yeah Fortress of Solitude! Man, I'm really diggin' Mike Norton's artwork on SHAZAM! The world will dig it too! AW YEAH!" Aw yeah, indeed! Thanks, gents. But there's more. Kicking off tomorrow is THE WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, from co-writers James Robinson and Sterling Gates. Teaming with artist Eddy Barrows for the #0 issue, WAR OF THE SUPERMEN promises to be an epic battle worthy of the Man of Steel. Don't believe us? Well, then take some cues from Mr. Robinson and Mr. Gates, willya? "War of the Supermen was a blast to do," Robinson said. "It was wonderful to collaborate with Sterling Gates and the many artists involved in the project. With all the story lines coalescing it really has been two years in the making. As to who wins the war? Wait and see." "War of the Supermen #0 kicks off a massive Superman story, one that we've been working towards in the Super-books for the last two years," Gates said. "James and I are excited and proud to bring you the opening salvo of the war on this year's Free Comic Book Day, one of the most exciting days on the comic book world's calendar!" On top of the incredibly talented penciller Eddy Barrows (who draws one of the meanest Superman/Zod/Ursa/Non fights ever!), we've enlisted a number of other hugely gifted artists to help us with War #0, including Gary Frank, David Finch, Ethan Van Sciver, Aaron Lopresti, CAFU, Julian Lopez and Diogenes Neves." I think it's fantastic the direct market gets one day a year that allows them to show off how awesome they are, and I'm beyond thrilled to join with James, Eddy, and the rest of the War of the Supermen team to bring you Free Comic Book Day's War of the Supermen #0." I know, I know. Here I go, getting you guys all hyped up and now you need to wait until tomorrow to get your hands on these two great books, FOR FREE. But it's Friday, and in the spirit of that, we've got previews for both issues right here. See you at the shop tomorrow! Let us know which shop you'll be at in the comments below.