The SUPERMAN 80-PAGE GIANT features seven stories by a slew of great talent, all taking a look at the Man of Steel from a different viewpoint. Mike Raicht & Charles Paul Wilson III take a peek at young Clark Kent’s life in Smallville; Kathryn Immonen & Tonci Zonjic explore the joys of marriage when Lois Lane takes a sick day; Ben McCool & Matt Camp visit The Daily Planet where Superman has to battle a wicked bug problem; Pat McCallum & Mike Shoyket check in with a gang of Metropolis bank robbers who’ve had their fair share of run-ins with the heroes of the DCU; Jason Hall & Julian Lopez track down a shut-in who turns into a daredevil once Superman saves his life; Rik Hoskin & RB Silva explore what Superman does in his downtime; and DC’s very own associate editor Sean Ryan & Clayton Henry put an entirely new spin on the typical Superman/Bizarro fight! So make sure and pick up a copy this week – you can’t miss that sweet cover by Aaron Lopresti & Brad Anderson!