One of the many things I've learned while blogging here at THE SOURCE is knowing when to step aside and let the creative minds behind our books do the talking. This is one of those times. Starting in May, the DCU will feature a new ongoing series, from writer Paul Dini and artist Stephane Roux: ZATANNA. Hinted at and much-discussed over the last few months, we're happy to finally lift the curtain. And we've got some words from Dini. Take it away, Paul: Outside of her star turn in 7 SOLDIERS OF VICTORY, her ongoing supporting role in JLA and guest appearances elsewhere, Zatanna doesn't come with a lot of backstory. That's both a blessing and a challenge for me as a writer. I don't have to adhere to 70 years of continuity, but that doesn't give me a lot of history to draw from, either. That said, I've been having a lot of fun populating her world with new characters, friends and allies as well as an entirely new mystical rogues gallery. I'm out to create some really unique and creepy villains, ones that aggressively prey on humankind the way gangsters in a crime book would victimize innocent people. As Zatanna herself says in the first issue, there's little in the way of human punishment that can be enforced on evil mystics. There are few laws they are compelled to obey, no jails to hold them, and no way ordinary people can defend themselves from their attacks. Zatanna has taken it upon herself to operate as both peacekeeper and avenger between those two worlds. Though a lot about Zatanna's world is new, it is still firmly rooted in the DC Universe. She's still a JLA member, and that will play into her stories now and then. Also, I plan to explore her somewhat dicey relationship with her younger cousin, Zachary Zatara. I saw a good chance to inject some family discord there, so when I was developing the book, I ran some ideas by Geoff Johns. He created Zach, so I wanted to get his okay before I shook things up. Luckily Geoff was cool with what I wanted to do, so readers can expect to see Zach becoming a permanent part of Zee's world. But there's more. Take a look at some of these jaw-droppingly amazing Roux interiors: Wait, there's more. Mr. Roux had more than art to share, so we got his thoughts as well: "What can I say about being attached to the project? I'm a fan of the character AND a longer-time fan of the writer. Paul's delivering very exciting scripts, pushing the character in directions that make it so much fun for me to draw. I'm dealing with various dimensions, litterally. You'll be scared, you'll be excited, you'll enjoy the fights she's going through. And because it's Paul, because it's Zatanna, I simply can't afford to deliver average art. Not to mention Karl Story's sure helping me make art look great. Hope the effort shows, hope you like it."