The headline says it all. RED ROBIN writer Chris Yost was kind enough to pop by The Source and give us the reasons why you guys should save a spot for the latest issue of the series tomorrow. Take it away, Chris: 10. Superstar artist Marcus To joins the team with this issue! 9. Marcus To's rendition of Red Robin leading a gang of ninjas into battle. 8. Marcus To's rendition of ninjas dying horrible deaths at the hands of Recluse, a member of the Council of Spiders (the same people that are hunting the League of Assassins for sport). 7. Marcus To's rendition of Vicki Vale, who's got some questions for Bruce Wayne/Hush. Which is going to mean trouble for Tim Drake. 6. The flashbacks are almost over. But this issue's flashback is particularly sexy. And drawn by Marcus To! 5. BLACKEST NIGHT CROSSOVER!! Well, kind of. Tim mentions his little adventure in BLACKEST NIGHT: BATMAN, but most importantly Marcus To draws him mentioning it. 4. Editor Mike Marts put a hundred dollar bill in one of the copies! 3. Marcus To's rendition of Tam Fox, daughter of Wayne Enterprises' CEO Lucius Fox, getting into even MORE trouble. 2. Marcus To's rendition of Tim Drake being awesome in general as he takes charge of the League of Assassins. 1. The writing. PSYCH! It's Marcus To. (But hopefully the writing's okay)