Are Black Lanterns mindless Zombies? BLACKEST NIGHT Editor Eddie Berganza knows

Are Black Lanterns mindless Zombies? BLACKEST NIGHT Editor...

By Eddie Berganza Friday, September 25th, 2009
bn_4_cov NO. In a very brief interlude with the mighty mite super-hero, the Atom, as he inexplicably jumped out of my phone, I was able to discuss the true nature of these creatures and assemble this list of why the Black Lanterns are not just the undead. Zombies attack mindlessly. Black Lanterns have all the characteristics of the living, just meaner. Zombies growl and don't speak. Black Lanterns are nasty taunters. Zombies want flesh, particular ones want brains. Black Lanterns seek only our hearts feeding on emotion. Zombies either shamble or run. Black Lanterns can float. Zombies wear the tattered remains of their clothes. Black Lanterns accessorize their Black Rings with a dark version of their clothes or costume. Zombies can be stopped by chopping their heads off. Black Lanterns reconstitute any limb that is severed. Zombies have no purpose for rising from the grave. Black Lanterns .... Do.