Huh? What's the Weekly Wonder Woman Tally, you say? Well, glad you asked. Not long ago, Dan DiDio mentioned the fan debate regarding Wonder Woman's upcoming "600th" issue. Lots of people have asked Dan to revert the book to it's original numbering to commemorate the event. Far from being a pushover, Dan said that if fan response -- in the form of postcards -- was strong enough, he'd consider it. And by strong, we mean "600 postcards" strong. Get it? Well, we here at The Source are all about keeping you informed on not only the stuff coming out of our offices, but the stuff going on in our offices. And, suffice to say, Dan's been getting a lot of mail of late. But we're nowhere close to reaching the point of consideration. As the headline points out, the total postcard tally is hovering at 175. How badly do you want this to happen, dear readers? As the mail continues to pour in, we'll continue to keep you posted here. Well, for as long as we can reach our keyboard amidst the flood of letters. Stay tuned.