detective-comics-27 Friday at Comic-Con was a day of records and awards -- and that's not even counting the usual panels, giveaways, signings and general merriment that went on at the DC booth and across the convention center. We'll talk about the awards in a second, but here's something very cool: Today, DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz accepted an award on behalf of DC from the Guinness World Records, recognizing DETECTIVE COMICS as the longest-running comic book periodical in the United States. Pretty cool, huh? The event took place yesterday afternoon at the DC booth, with Paul accepting the award from Guinness' own Craig Glenday, VP, Publishing and Editor in Chief. paul_levitz_craig_glenday "It's a great honor to present this award to DC," noted Glenday. "I know a lot of people back at the office are jealous, but once I saw we'd be presenting this award at Comic-Con, I knew I wanted to be the one to do it. It's a pleasure to present this very important record." "I'm proud to accept this award on behalf of DC," Paul noted. "As the earliest surviving editor of DETECTIVE, a title which I edited from 1978-1980, I'm doubly honored to accept this recognition."