So, yesterday we posted our "call for photos." Basically, we wanted to bring the WEDNESDAY COMICS reading experience to life here on The Source, and asked you, the fans, to send us pictures of you and your friends reading the first issue. And, you did. So, here's the first batch of photos. We'll have more tomorrow afternoon, so keep sending them over. Remember, make sure the images are web-ready jpgs (save a blogger some time, will ya?), include a line allowing DC Comics to re-use these photos and make sure you have permissions from anyone else in the photo to send this along. And, because we like giving our fans credit, include the names of all the fine folks photographed. rene_torres Rene Torres, from the University of Texas comicsconspiracy Ryan Higgins, from Comics Conspiracy in Sunnyvale,CA andrew_wales Andrew Wales and his son, Nathan bethanyagogo Bethany "A Go-Go" mark_wilkins Mark Wilkin's son, Sam, after purchasing the issue at Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg, PA greg_mcelhatton Greg McElhatton jessica_cline Jessica Cline joey_gantner Joey Gantner joshua_shaw Joshua Shaw andrew_falkenhainer Andrew Falkenhainer jeff_mcguire Jeff McGuire robert_patton Robert Patton's son Alex (good name, kid!) sebastian_piccione Sebastian Piccione's daughters Isabella and Lily jerrod_porter Jerrod Porter david_monteith David Monteith, from the UK dean-trippe-wednesday-comics-reader My buddy, Dean Trippe!