You've seen THE SHIELD and INFERNO, now enter THE HANGMAN

You've seen THE SHIELD and INFERNO, now enter THE...

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
hangman-blog It's been a Red Circle kind of week, huh? Well, we're not only publishing The Shield and Inferno, friends, so why stop there? As some of you might recall, The Hangman is one of the key Red Circle heroes making his DCU debut in August. He's also one of the characters superstar artist J.G. Jones took a pass at when asked to tinker with a few of the RC characters. So, to continue to show you an inside look at the creative process here at 1700 Broadway, I've included J.G.'s initial Hangman sketch and artist Jesus Saiz's final cover. Come back tomorrow for a peek at what The Web will look like come August. Yes, that's a tease. Deal with it. redch-01-cover