redcircle01 If you're a discerning reader, you've probably figured out that every other week or so, our very own Dan DiDio talks shop at NEWSARAMA. The fun twist is that all the questions come directly from fans and can range from the insightful to the surreal. NEWSARAMA's just posted the latest edition of "20 Questions and 1 Answer with Dan DiDio," and Dan reveals some interesting facts about our plans for the Red Circle characters:

First off Dan, is there any update that you can give in regards to J. Michael Straczynski’s projects starting up? You’d said that the Red Circle (Archie Heroes) stories had been pulled out of Brave and the Bold into their own projects, and that they’d be launching sometime later this year. Is there any closer date you can give on that? Dan DiDio: Yeah – I can update you on that. He’s doing a four-part series called The Red Circle, which features four of the prime characters from those series of books: The Shield, The Web, Hangman and the Inferno. He’ll be writing this four part story that introduces them, which will also include a semi, soft link of their four origins, and more importantly, setting a direction for each of these characters, and the series will follow after that. We’re looking for that to start in late summer. Newsarama: And he’s writing another project on top of that as well? DD: Because we moved these out of Brave and the Bold, he’s moved back on to Brave and the Bold as well – so he’s working on The Red Circle and Brave and the Bold. But he does have other projects with DC in addition to those.
The story also features some news on ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, the creative team behind ACTION COMICS' own co-feature and more on WEDNESDAY COMICS. Definitely worth your clicking. The rest of the interview can be found here.