Graphic Novel


The Robotech saga is one of the masterpieces of Japanese animation, filled with memorable characters and laced with equal parts action and emotion. This volume collects ROBOTECH #1-6, the critically acclaimed WildStorm miniseries that breathed new life into the Robotech universe! Learn the story of Roy Fokker, an ace pilot in the great war and a test pilot for the Veritech program. The story of the Veritech program is one fraught with betrayal and disappointment, featuring a veritable Who's-Who of the Robotech universe...with a surprise ending that will leave fans begging for more!Also included is ROBOTECH #0, a prelude to the miniseries that contains a 12-page story illustrated in "jam" style by Jim Lee, Lee Bermejo, Alé Garza, and Carlos D'Anda! Plus, this volume includes the hard-to-find ROBOTECH SOURCEBOOK, written by Yune with art by Jason Pearson, Garza, D'Anda, Damion Scott, Rob Haynes, Tommy Lee Edwards, and more, featuring background info on every Robotech character and vehicle! ROBOTECH: FROM THE STARS is a must-have for fans of all ages!


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