Veronica Cale

Brilliant bio-engineer, ruthless businesswoman, and devoted mother, the industrious Veronica Cale worked hard to get everything she has. There’s nothing she detests more than a powerful woman who had everything handed to her, like the princess-turned-superhero known as Wonder Woman.

As a woman working in the fields of medicine and business, Veronica Cale spent her life fighting an uphill battle against sexism. As gifted and insightful as she was, she had to work ten times as hard as everyone else in the room to make half the progress. But Cale was up to the challenge, fighting all odds to become the founder of a highly successful pharmaceutical company. Out of necessity, Veronica Cale developed a callousness which allowed her to survive in a cutthroat world. So, when Wonder Woman arrived in man’s world with her gods-given gifts preaching the peace and harmony which had always been denied to Cale, the businesswoman took it as a personal offense.

Cale would go on to launch Godwatch, which was founded for the purpose of locating Themyscira. But as Wonder Woman discovered, the reason was not to enhance Cale’s own power or influence, but out of desperation. Phobos and Deimos, the sons of the war god Ares, had exploited Cale into leading this expedition by placing a curse on Isadore, her only daughter, which removed her face and soul from her body. Only upon the liberation of Ares from his prison on Paradise Island could Isadore be restored.

Cale exacted vengeance upon her blackmailers by allying with the sorceress Circe, who transformed each of them into her own hounds. But as Veronica learned when she located Paradise Island, Isadore could only remain whole if she was left there. Forced to leave her only daughter behind, Veronica blames Wonder Woman’s personal feud with Ares for their separation to this day. And as the canine Phobos and Deimos know well, Veronica Cale is not a woman who will be denied her revenge.

Character Facts


genius-level intellect, political influence, master strategist, inexhaustible wealth

First Appearance:

WONDER WOMAN #196 (2003)

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