Queen of the Amazons and mother of Princess Diana, Hippolyta has led her people for a millennia.

A queen since the day she was created by the Gods of Olympus some 3,000 years ago, Hippolyta is actually the reincarnated soul of a cavewoman who was killed by her mate in prehistoric times. She, along with several women, who were also reincarnated souls whose lives were cut short by man's hatred, formed the noble Amazon tribe in ancient times. The jealous war god Ares influenced the demigod Heracles into seducing Hippolyta, and then enslaving her after he'd gained her trust. Freed by the goddess Athena, Hippolyta liberated her Amazon sisters and defeated Heracles' soldiers. As atonement for being deceived, she and her sisters were exiled to the island of Themyscira, where they would remain isolated from mankind and immortal as long as they remained there.

Eventually, Hippolyta was gifted with a daughter, whom she named Diana. Blessed with powers from the gods themselves, it is unclear if Diana was created when Hippolyta crafted a child made of clay which was gifted with life, or if Diana was born from an affair between herself and Zeus, as there are conflicting accounts to Diana’s creation. Reluctantly, Queen Hippolyta allowed her daughter Diana to leave Themyscira and become Wonder Woman, a fact which has caused her constant worry. While once Hippolyta took her daughter's place as Wonder Woman and travelled back in time to have adventures with the Justice Society, today, Queen Hippolyta remains on Themyscira, ruling over its people and separated from her daughter Diana, who can never return.

For more on Hippolyta's history, visit her page on DCUniverse.com.


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