Wonder Girl

The latest young woman to bear the name Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark has seen more than her share of heartache on the road to heroism.

Embodying the fury of unbridled youth, the power of a Greek god, and the instincts of an Amazonian warrior, Cassie Sandsmark is Wonder Girl, the sidekick and partner to Wonder Woman and a founding member of Young Justice.

As the daughter of a world-famous archaeologist, Cassie Sandsmark accompanied her mother around the world doing digs and researching artifacts. One fateful excavation landed Cassie face to face with the mysterious Silent Armor, an alien metal symbiote with the ability to grant untold power to its wearer. To save her boyfriend’s life, she offered herself to the alien metal, making its power her own. Unfortunately, the power of the armor came at a great price. Any time she loses control of her emotions, the armor can be unleashed, savagely attacking anyone and anything nearby—even friends and loved ones.

For Cassie, every day is a fight to remain in control of the dangerous symbiotic armor and to prove herself worthy of the name Wonder Girl.

For more on Wonder Girl's history, visit her page on DCUniverse.com.


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