Jon Kent

As the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Jon Kent has inherited powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal boys. At once, you could have called him Superboy, but these days, the now fully grown Jon goes by his father's name—Superman.

Parental legacies are hard to live up to—especially when your parents are the world's most respected superhero and investigative journalist. And Jon is the child of two worlds. Half Kryptonian and half human, the onset of his superpowers has made him eager to follow in his dad’s footsteps. But Jon has a lot to learn about himself and about the world before he can make a habit of saving it.

Thankfully, Jon isn’t alone. For not only do his parents teach him everything they can, he’s found himself a community of fellow youthful superheroes to help him on his path, including the similarly fated son of Batman, Damian Wayne, and the hopeful squadron of 30th Century do-gooders, the Legion of Super-Heroes.


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Alter Ego


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