Welcome to Ink Spots, a quirky little corner of DC.com devoted entirely to all of our favorite Young Adult comics and fiction. In this new Book Breakdown, Kelly Knox gets acquainted with Virgil Hawkins for the first time.

Virgil Hawkins, AKA Static, is back in his very own YA graphic novel! Static: Up All Night by Lamar Giles and Paris Alleyne works as both a fantastic introduction to the character and a heartfelt return to Dakota for longtime fans of Milestone Comics and Static Shock. It’s also a fun romp through a night to remember with resourceful and endearing young superheroes, whom I hope will return soon for many more adventures.

Let’s glide back into Virgil’s life—admittedly at one of his low points, but we’ll talk about that in a moment—with this breakdown of Static: Up All Night!

Cover Crackdown:

Static is the star of this graphic novel, so it’s no surprise he’s sparking things off on the cool cover. Virgil shows off his electromagnetic powers, clearly at ease with using them. The teenage superhero, illuminated by the warm lights of an all-night diner, stands with his friends, who look at him with smiles. But why is one of them standing off on her own, clearly more absorbed in her phone?

And, the more important question, is anyone else craving a slice of diner pie now?

Tell Me a Story:

If you’re not acquainted with Virgil and his home city of Dakota, there’s no better time to get to know him! Virgil is one of Dakota’s residents who were exposed to a mysterious “tear gas” during a protest. Some died, some were unaffected and some, including Virgil, gained amazing abilities. The event has come to be known as the Big Bang, and the city’s extraordinary citizens are labeled Bang Babies. Virgil adopts the superhero identity Static.

Virgil might be a brilliant superhero, but he’s also juggling typical teenager challenges like parents, school and relationships. When his girlfriend breaks up with him, Virgil’s best friend Richie decides they deserve a normal night out at a local music festival. They sneak out of the house with no idea of the (mis)adventures that await.

Let’s Talk Art:

Alleyne’s art is just as electric as Static’s powers. While his action sequences practically crackle with energy, his character work is nothing short of amazing. The tiniest details like a downturned mouth or a quirked eyebrow make Virgil, Daisy, Raquel and Richie as expressive as your friends in real life. Combined with Alleyne’s detailed attention to body language, these characters feel like actual teenagers having the worst/best night of their young lives.

And I have to give a special shout-out to the colors by Bex Glendining, which beautifully capture the feeling of those early morning hours when no one should be awake.

Dialog Discussion:

Virgil and Richie have a rapport that only the best of friends share. Richie insists on a bro’s night out to help cheer up his friend. Virgil isn’t feeling it at first, still not over being dumped by his ex, Daisy. As they’re interrupted by Richie’s no-nonsense dad, they both launch into teasing him without missing a beat. Giles and Alleyne say without saying that these two have a long history together, and this is one of many beloved pastimes they share.

Richie finally convinces Virgil to trust him with the ominous last words, “What’s the worst that can happen?” They’re about to find out.

Voted Most Likely:

If Static: Up All Night was a senior in high school, it would come away with “Most Likely to Stay in Their Hometown” by a landslide! (The same could probably be said for Static himself.) The young characters each feel connected to Dakota in some way, and not just because they all received their superpowers on its streets.

The city feels like it’s part of them, whether it’s their neighborhoods, the streets of Old Downtown or the Buns N’ Roses food truck. Dakota isn’t the type of city you want to escape from. Instead, it’s the kind of town that feels like it holds its own world of possibilities.

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Oh, Virgil, oh, no. When the super-powered teen sees his ex-girlfriend on a date at the music festival, he decides to pretend he’s on a date as well—with fellow superhero Rocket. He can’t resist calling out a greeting to his ex to make sure she sees them, and I can’t resist cringing along with Richie every time I see the panel.

Rocket won’t let him embarrass himself any further, thankfully saving the day by pulling Virgil away from Daisy. She bluntly tells Virgil that was a bad look for him, and he agrees with his head hanging. Everyone needs an honest friend like Rocket to help them get their heads on straight.

By the Numbers:

Pages: 208
Bonus short stories: 1
Number of times I cringed: 3 (oh, Virgil)
Number of times Static is mistaken for Black Lightning: 4
Lectures from Icon: 9

Nine lectures in one book? Is Icon a major part of this story?” I can imagine that’s what you’re probably asking yourself, and the answer is…no. The solemn superhero and Static share just six pages together, but Icon knows how to deliver stern talking-tos in record time. He has Virgil’s best interest at heart, of course, and his pointed questions are one of my favorite moments in this graphic novel.

Static: Up All Night was my introduction to Static and his friends, and I immediately wanted to know more about them. Their corner of the DC Multiverse isn’t one I’m familiar with, yet I feel like I now know it a little thanks to Giles and Alleyne’s magnificent work in this graphic novel. If you’ve been a fan of Static since you were a kid, or if you’ve always wanted to become one, pick this one up. Just don’t be surprised if you’re ready to move to Dakota yourself when you’re done reading!

Static: Up All Night by Lamar Giles and Paris Alleyne is now available in bookstores, comic shops, libraries and as a digital graphic novel.

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