It's not easy being a teenager. Between school, getting picked on, and worrying about family finances, there's already a lot to deal with. However, for Virgil Hawkins, there's an extra layer of stress: learning to properly utilize his super powers, maintaining his secret identity, and finding the balance between making it to class in time and saving the lives of innocents as the electrifying hero known as Static.

A typical nerdy high school student with a passion for science and pop culture, Hawkins's life changed dramatically after he got caught up in a local gang war and was doused with an experimental chemical that contained a mutagen agent. This led to him gaining a variety of electromagnetic powers, and as a big fan of comic books, Hawkins decided to use his powers to help clean up his community and save the innocent. A fun, humorous individual in his normal life, these aspects of Hawkins’s personality shine in his superhero persona as well, and Static is well known for his witty banter and good-heartedness.

Static's powers allow him to control all sorts of electromagnetic phenomena. Beyond the ability to generate electricity—which allows him to shock enemies, generate electrical force fields for protection, and create static saucers he can ride as transportation—he can also magnetize objects and cause people or objects to stick to one another through a strong static cling. In truth, even Hawkins himself is unaware of the true extent of his powers, but he will forever dedicate them to the forces of good and the protection of his friends and family.


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STATIC #1 (1993)

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