My Adventures with Superman, the first animated Superman series in over twenty years, debuts on Adult Swim on July 6. Starring Jack Quaid as Clark Kent, Alice Lee as Lois Lane and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen, the new, all-ages animated series is a fresh take on the Man of Steel’s origin story.

The ten-episode first season follows the young Clark Kent as he starts as an intern at the Daily Planet. He and his roommate Jimmy Olsen expect to be filling coffee orders, but the Planet’s third intern has some ideas of her own. Her name is Lois Lane.

Clark juggles his friendships, his growing superpowers and his very obvious crush on Lois as the trio go on exciting adventures together. We recently had a chance to chat with voice actors Alice Lee (Lois) and Ishmel Sahid (Jimmy) about their roles as part of that trio, who opened up about the lasting friendship between the three iconic characters and more.

No matter the series or movie, Superman always needs his Lois and Jimmy. Why do you think that is?

Ishmel Sahid: Superman can only do so much. I think with good friends around you, it almost makes you even bigger than life. He's still coming into his own and he has to turn to his closest friends for advice. It’s always good to have that community of good friends you can trust that can steer you in the right direction, and call you out when you get a little bit too ahead of yourself, you know? I think that's why he needs them.

Alice Lee: Yeah, you can't move through the world alone, right? You need your people and that only makes you stronger. And I think the dynamic between the three of them, it's like such a yin and a yang. Clark is a little more reserved, like introverted and shy. And Jimmy and Lois are just like, “HEY!” (laughs)

I think they totally balance each other out, and I think that’s important. Relationships are what life is about, and I think it's awesome that our show is really showcasing that.

Lois and Clark have an instant connection. What do you think it is that draws them to each other?

AL: They probably think they're cute. (laughs)

They’re right, they are!

AL: Just the blushing when you see when they didn't even say anything to each other! It's probably an energy thing, probably a vibe.

But like I said, I think it's a yin and a yang. I think they each have qualities that the other person does not and that probably draws them together. They both want to do what's right and they're very passionate about making the world a better place. And, as cheesy as that sounds, I think that would bring people together.

Not a lot of people could be friends with Lois and Clark. Why do you think Jimmy likes to be their friend?

IS: I think Jimmy is one of those people who can get in where he fits in, you know? He's the type of person where he's a little bit of an outcast in his own right because of all the things that he's interested in, but Lois and Clark, they do see the good in him and they accept him for all his quirkiness. It all balances each other out, so to speak, what Lois, Superman and Jimmy bring to the table. They all kind of balance each other out in this motley crew of friends.

My Adventures with Superman premieres July 6 on Adult Swim and streams the next day on Max.