Some super-villains want to rule the world. Others want to enslave its people. Some may want to destroy Earth, while others really do want to save it…they’re just terribly misguided on how to do it. But vampires? Vampires just want to eat us all.

For generations, they’ve lived among us, hidden in plain sight and kept in line by a system of laws they alone shape. Now those systems are gone and the world’s most ravenous threat is about to be unleashed…and even the Justice League might not be able to stop it.

DC vs. Vampires #1 is the debut chapter in a twelve-issue limited series by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt that promises to transform the DC Universe in ways never before seen. Inspired by comics like DCeased, DC vs. Vampires is an all-new superhero nightmare by a team that knows how to terrify (you have read Tynion’s Joker series, right?) and it kicks off next Tuesday, just in time for Halloween. We’d hate to spoil the fun, so we’re not going to say too much about what to expect. However, October is the season for treats along with its tricks, so we’re giving you a small sneak peek at the debut issue.

Be careful, though. This one bites.

DC vs. Vampires #1 by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt is available in print and as a digital comic book on Tuesday, October 26.

There’s plenty more to fear in the DC Universe! Next week also sees the debut of Task Force Z, an all-new DC zombie tale from the wonderfully warped mind of Rosenberg. You can check out a preview of its first issue right now in the DC Community!