Have you picked your jaw up from the floor yet, Stargirl fans? The latest episode was a real game-changer, and it’s understandable if you need some time to take it in. It’s clear that Eclipso isn’t messing around and poor, misguided Cindy Burman learned that the hard way. After yesterday, we were itching for a chance to talk with Meg DeLacy, who plays Cindy, about last night’s big twists and she was more than happy to chat with us about all of it and help us process some of the insanity that went down.

“Summer School: Chapter Six” is the real mic drop episode of the season. What was your reaction when you first saw the script?

I was super stoked about being surrounded by all of our castmates in one moment, because until episode six, all of our scenes were individual and everyone was kind of doing their own thing, especially Cindy. Coming face to face with Brec again, and working with Yvette, Anjelika and Cameron, and having all my crew there too was kind of fun. And also the fact that this episode is a major stunt episode. I really had to get into my body and figure out how to fight again because the last time you ever saw Cindy in her suit was season one, so that was kind of tricky as well. But I was also just excited for Cindy to be on her feet again and kind of show what's up. It's the first showdown that we get in season two with everyone.

I recently spoke with Trae Romano, and he raved about how well the two of you played off one another during Cindy’s confrontation with Mike.

This was the first time our characters had ever conversed. Cindy made the plan to recruit him, really as a major jab to Courtney, as a little extra cherry on top. Trae is such a great actor, and it was really cool to spend a day with him exploring the scene. It was so easy to read off of him, and it was so refreshing to feel that from a younger actor. It was cool and creative, to be honest. And I also had an awesome outfit, this leather jacket that just dropped to the floor, and it was so fun to kind of walk and just feel like a boss in that. It brought a whole other level of competence to Cindy being in the place that she is and knowing exactly what she wants and how to get it.

One highlight from the episode was Cindy’s “I want to hurt you” phone call to Courtney. Can you talk about this moment and the intensity that led up to it?

Cindy was born into the ISA in a weird way. I mean, her dad had a part in it, but she also wants to be part of something. I feel like she’s thinking, I'm not doing the most I can as a person, having these powers and knowing all of this stuff, all this history behind Blue Valley and behind the ISA. And the fact that she killed her father, she's kind of in charge (of the ISA) now. Her vengefulness towards Courtney in that way, and just how perfect her life seems—she has a family, she has people who care about her, she has a history. Cindy feels this is threatening.

Brec is the sweetest girl I think I've ever met, so it was difficult to be mean to someone that I know personally to be so great and good. Being the B-word and not getting any apologies was kind of fun to tap into, but also knowing that there is a bottom—there's a reason why she is that way. It's not like she was born that way, or she's pure evil. Brec and I are also very different as people, and I think that's why we were all cast the way that we were cast. The whole ensemble cast is exactly who they needed to be in this show, I think Geoff Johns knew that.

What was Cindy’s endgame here? Is she out to reshape the world like her father was, or is she just operating out of pure hatred? If she defeated Courtney, would she even know her next move?

That phone call was to really push buttons, and I think in that phone call, she kind of loses herself a little bit and gets a little too angry. She's triggered for sure. She's running after something that she could potentially get, and if she gets it, maybe she'll feel good about it for a second, but she's so angry about her life story and the way that she was raised. Everything kind of weighs on this girl—the weight of death, the weight of manipulation, power and confidence. It gets the best of her where she's not really paying attention to the fact that she is a sixteen-year-old girl going through normal thoughts and insecurities. Even if she succeeds and gets rid of Courtney, I don’t think she would get closure. It would be on to the next thing. She needs to find a grounding and see for herself the real reason why she's so angry all the time.

The Justice Society vs Injustice Unlimited fight sequence was incredible! Can you talk about putting the scene together?

Oh my gosh, it was insane! It was incredible to have the whole cast together again and to work off of each other. Having that energy in the room when you show up. The choreography was absolutely incredible. Walt Garcia is one of the most amazing stunt coordinators I've met and I've created strong relationships with the stunt team. I had so much fun with my stunt double and she was so patient with me, just teaching me sequences. The fact that I don't have a mask on means you have to use me for a lot of the stunts. That got me real excited, because they trusted me to kind of perform and do it.

There were a lot of stunt rehearsals that took place beforehand—like months beforehand. Tapping into that physicality of Shiv again and being in that suit, it kind of revived what Cindy felt for me as an actor. It was so fun. We were in the school cafeteria the whole time, so we didn't have to move locations all the time. It was probably the highlight of the whole season. We were working together and doing physical action, but also acting. There are moments they capture with Cindy and Eclipso. It's the first time Eclipso is like, “Forget you, I don't even take you seriously.” It's a big jab to her heart. That was kind of fun to play with, in hand with all the physical stuff we had to do.

This scene gave the audience their first full look at Nick E. Tarabay as Eclipso, and he was terrifying.

Eclipso is so scary. The actor who plays him does it so well. We were about to prep for the scene where I get choked and thrown to the wall, and he rips out one of my shivs. To get into character, it was like a theater production. He was getting into his voice, getting into this devilish entity. Nick was amazing to play off of. I was genuinely scared when I was getting choked and thrown. That was a ride for me. That day was another highlight because I saw another type of expertise that comes with acting—the word creative, and how to really freak out an audience.

As Cindy sinks into that tar, she cries out to Courtney for help, despite trying to kill her minutes earlier. Can you talk about Cindy’s desperation in this moment?

That was truly and genuinely a fearful moment for Cindy. She's getting pulled into this gooey black tar that came out of nowhere. No one has ever seen that before in Blue Valley. She's being pulled into something she has no idea of. She could die, she could just be in this whole other world, she could never see the light of day again, and she's calling Courtney's name because she's the only person in the JSA that she really knows who has the potential to make a difference, even though she was so vengeful towards her minutes earlier. Being taken over by Eclipso causes you to lose your body and mind, and she was truly vulnerable in this moment because she really didn't know if this is going to be the end of her life or not.

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