Grant Morrison kicked off his impressive stint writing Batman comics by reintroducing Bruce Wayne’s son Damian as the Dark Knight’s newest Robin. From there, he seemingly killed Batman before sending him on an unforgettable jaunt through history. Around the same time, Morrison teamed with artist Chris Burnham for Batman and Robin and Batman Incorporated, two remarkable and still-fresh Bat-comics that spun the idea of Batman in two entirely new directions, introducing characters and concepts like Doctor Hurt and Leviathan in the process.

In short, when these two creators turn their attention to the Dark Knight, you want to pay attention. Even if it’s only for a few brilliant pages.

With so many creative powerhouses contributing to this week’s milestone Detective Comics #1027, which marks the 1,000th issue of Detective Comics to feature Batman, there aren’t really any pages in the graphic novel-length issue not worth a look. However, readers who were there for Morrison and Burnham’s previous time with the Bat—along with those who have yet to discover those storylines—will particularly enjoy the team’s cheeky new contribution. Titled “Detective #26,” the story introduces us to Golden Age Gotham’s newest nighttime protector—the Silver Ghost!

Not who you were expecting? Then you should definitely check out our exclusive first look at this new story to learn who this guy is. And if you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Batman…well, you’ll just have to read the full story when Detective Comics #1027 hits shops and digital retailers tomorrow!

Detective Comics #1027 is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, September 15.