Over Curse of the White Knight’s shocking seven issues, Batman has seen nearly everything he holds true and dear stripped away from him, leaving him unsure who or what he can trust.

So, he puts his faith in Gotham.

In last month’s issue #7, Batman was forced to deal with the shocking realization that not only were the Waynes not who he thought they were, but that he’s not even a true Wayne. It’s Azrael who’s actually descended from the family, not Bruce. Having long seen his role as Batman as a continuation of the Wayne legacy of protection and standing up for the less fortunate, it’s unclear who Batman even is now that he’s learned the truth.

So, having spent so much of his life behind the cowl, giving his every breath to the Dark Knight, he decides to finally address Gotham without it, revealing to everyone the truth of his identity. In exchange, he asks for one thing—for the citizens of Gotham to stay off the streets until he’s able to bring down Azrael for good. The Avenging Angel has hurt Batman in ways very few have, shattering his entire life and killing Bruce’s friend and ally, Jim Gordon. So, in next week’s climactic Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8, Bruce will hunt down Gotham’s newest psychopath for a fight very much like those that Edmond Wayne once engaged in—to the death.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8 by Sean Murphy with Matt Hollingsworth is in stores Wednesday, March 25.