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First Look: Madness Returns to Earth

First Look: Madness Returns to Earth

By Tim Beedle Monday, June 4th, 2018

Shade takes a madness-drenched journey to Earth in this surrealistic sneak peek at SHADE, THE CHANGING WOMAN #4.

Since the events of “Milk Wars,” the body tripping alien known as Loma Shade has abandoned Earth in favor of some quality time and tutelage with her idol—Rac Shade. But as Loma discussed poetry, truth and the importance of ridding yourself of Earthly possessions—like your heart—with the former Shade, the Changing Man, the world she left behind has been slipping slowly into darkness. As her friends on Earth mourn Loma’s disappearance, humankind has declared extraterrestrials a threat, torturing and experimenting on them in top secret black sites. Meanwhile, the true owner of the body Shade inhabits, Megan, has returned and is carving a bloody path through her former life.

Turns out a world without madness is the maddest of all.

But to return to Earth, Loma must escape the increasingly misguided influence of the man who inspired her to leave Meta in the first place. Without her heart, void of all love and attachments, is that even possible? The answer awaits in this exclusive first look at SHADE, THE CHANGING WOMAN #4.


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SHADE, THE CHANGING WOMAN #4 by Cecil Castellucci, Marley Zarcone, Ande Parks and Kelly Fitzpatrick is in stores this Wednesday.