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Jason's Picks: Paradise Island Picks

Jason's Picks: Paradise Island Picks

By Jason Inman Thursday, June 1st, 2017

“Jason’s Picks” is a monthly column written by DC All Access co-host Jason Inman. A longtime DC reader, Jason selects a few newly released or essential graphic novels each month that are personal favorites of his and discusses why you need them in your collection.

June is set to be a “wonderful” month. The Wonder Woman movie is finally here, and you may be wondering to yourself, “Are there any Wonder Woman comics out there that I can read?” You are in luck! DC has a bunch of great graphic novels hitting comic book shops this month and they all have one thing in common: Wonder Woman!


This recent DC Rebirth team-up book perfectly illustrates why Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the perfect allies for each other. It’s a strong character-driven narrative. Offering a different story from the giant bombastic tales of the Justice League, Trinity is intimate and charming. You’ll never enjoy a dinner scene between Bruce, Diana and Clark as much as the one in the first issue of Trinity.

Francis Manapul pulls double duty in this volume as writer and artist. If you know Francis’s work from The New 52’s FLASH and DETECTIVE COMICS, then you’ll enjoy the painterly look he brings to this book. His characters feel real, which is an important element in a book about the most powerful characters in the DC universe teaming up.

DC has published some pretty important books titled “Trinity” in the past, from the Matt Wagner miniseries to Kurt Busiek’s weekly series of the same name. Francis Manapul’s Trinity joins those hallowed series. The friendship of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman is the central theme of this book, and I feel it’s one of the important tenets of the whole DC Universe. This volume will settle all the questions you’ve had about these three and launch them into the future. Plus, did I mention that one of my favorite characters in the DC Universe, Lois Lane, narrates a good chunk of this series? Trinity is a great read for any fan of the DC Universe.


The first event of DC Rebirth pitted the two biggest and most popular teams in the DCU against each other. You have Wonder Woman’s Justice League in one corner and Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad in the other. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend big events for casual readers to pick up, but Justice League vs Suicide Squad stands above the pack. Why? Because it’s so simple. The whole premise is in the title! If you are a fan of the Justice League in any other iteration, this is an event you are going to want to pick up!

Writer Joshua Williamson takes a plot point that was started in Tom King’s BATMAN run and uses it as Batman’s motivation to finally take down the Suicide Squad. But the story doesn’t stop there! Apparently, there’s more than one Suicide Squad out there! For any fan of ’90s comics, you will be blown away by some of the characters that get re-introduced into this story! Did somebody say LOBO???

With every chapter, this Justice League story grows bigger and bigger, which is exactly what you want from a giant crazy crossover. Also, when I first started reading comics, the Suicide Squad was always in the background of the DC Universe, so it’s nice to finally see them step up as one of the premier teams. This book is a fun and surprising blockbuster, perfect for your collected edition shelf.


Want to know what the definitive Wonder Woman run is? It’s this. George Perez is a master creator in comics. George has storytelling through art and plots and nailed it down to a science, and this is the run that takes Wonder Woman and elevates her character to new levels.

As you can tell by the book’s title, this is the second volume covering George Perez’s epic five-year run on Wonder Woman. (Go pick up the first volume too!) The stories in this volume generally deal with Diana having to understand and work with the complications of “man’s world.” The Greek Gods also seek to depart the mortal plane. How will the Amazons move on without their gods? Plus this volume contains one of the best Wonder Woman single issues of all time: “Who Killed Myndi Mayer?”

On every page of this volume is the masterful artwork of George Perez. He loves to fill every page with detail. Every window, every cloud and every wisp of Diana’s curly hair is dynamic. Combine this with a soulful and skillfully crafted story and you get one of the best Wonder Woman comics of all time. If you’re looking for more Wonder Woman in your life after watching her new cinematic adventure, then I implore you to peruse this volume. Perez’s vision of what Wonder Woman should be is the golden standard of her character.

Those are my DC graphic novel picks for June! I promise that all of them will be fun and entertaining reads if you pick them. Next month, San Diego Comic-Con creeps closer, so I’ll make sure to give you some great picks to bring to the con!