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Jason's Picks: Titans Times Three!

Jason's Picks: Titans Times Three!

By Jason Inman Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

“Jason’s Picks” is a new monthly column by DC All Access co-host Jason Inman. A longtime DC reader, Jason will select a few newly released or essential graphic novels each month that are personal favorites of his and discuss why you need them in your collection.

The month of March is upon us. While there are many activities that you could enjoy in this springtime month, may I suggest picking up a graphic novel or two?

DC has released some really great collections this month and I’m back again to suggest which graphic novels you should pick up at your local comic book shop. Also, there’s a theme this month! See if you can guess it.


He’s a villain that has been around the DC Universe for years! Slade Wilson has beguiled the Teen Titans, the Justice League and his own children. Now, Deathstroke has to deal with his worst enemy… himself.

In this debut volume, comic great Christopher Priest explores a complex web of intrigue and betrayal that all centers around Slade Wilson. Deathstroke has a very strict moral code and sometimes his friends and family members have to suffer so he can remain true to that code. He’s not the villain in this book, but a neutral mercenary who will never break his contract.

Priest explores the dynamic between Slade and his network of allies quite well. Many newer fans may think that Deathstroke works purely alone, but older fans will remember his ally Billy Wintergreen. Well, Billy is back, and Deathstroke forgetting about his friend is the emotional spine of this book. It forces the reader to see Deathstroke in a whole new light.

Deathstroke Vol. 1 is a must read for this month as it is the perfect jumping on point for any reader that is curious about this villain. His entire story starts at the beginning here and Deathstroke even gets a slick new costume. It will make you look at this character in a whole new light. One of my favorite things in comics is to shine a light on a lesser known character through the lens of a great story. This is one of those stories.

Oh, and did I mention that Batman and Robin have a cameo?


Wally West is back! I cannot tell you happy and excited I am now that I can write that again.

Dan Abnett and Brett Booth give us everything a Titans fan could want in this book. Wally West is front and center in this book just like he was in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1. Wally remembers the past the way it was meant to be and confronts all of his Titans friends to make sure they can move forward like him. Booth’s artistry comes to the forefront here as each Titan gets a beautiful mirror sequence full of powerful imagery. Not only are these sequences majestic, but they push to the front the relationships of this team. The Titans love each other. Now that Wally is back, they are complete.

The band truly gets back together in Titans Vol. 1. This book is perfect for any Teen Titans fan from any medium. Plus, it’s secretly one of the most important books in the DC Rebirth Universe. Wally West from the old universe is back? Check. Nightwing is team leader? Very important and check! And the book’s villain has an ominous mention of someone or something called “Manhattan?” Check. Believe me, you will be dreaming of ticking clocks and smiley pins with blood drops after reading this volume.

Titans Vol. 1 is a great book to walk down the memory lane of DC Comics. It has a split-narrative that harkens to the past while building the new status quo for the future. One of the best teams in DC Comics history is back, and that’s why this is a must read.


This is a book that I like to call “Teen Titans: The Next Generation.”

Back in the day, Marv Wolfman and George Perez changed comics with their NEW TEEN TITANS team of Nightwing, Wally West and Donna Troy. This was Geoff Johns’ mid-2000s answer to that.

Geoff gathered the best sidekick characters that were inhabiting DC at the time: Tim Drake’s Robin, Bart Allen’s Kid Flash, Conner Kent’s Superboy and Cassie Sandsmark’s Wonder Girl, and put them all on the same team. Finally, after years of waiting, Teen Titans fans had another roster worthy of the “Big Seven” Justice League.

This book collects the first issues of Geoff Johns’ compelling run on the Teen Titans. He introduces a new Brother Blood. He throws Rose Wilson, daughter of Deathstroke, as Ravager at the team. He promotes Impulse to Kid Flash and gives him a new costume! Finally, he has the team encounter future evil versions of themselves known as the Titans of Tomorrow. I could keep going on and on. There are so many good stories here.

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Book One gives the Titans a new, fresh approach while making sure the team earns their spot as one of the greatest teams in DC history. Plus, the book is a whole lot of fun to read.

So those are my picks for three graphic novels that you should grab in March. Did you figure out this month’s theme? It rhymes with brightens. Head on over to your local comic book shop and pick up one of these essential collections. You might learn more about the DC Universe than you ever expected.  See you next month for April’s picks!