We love TV here at DCComics.com, particularly when it features all of our favorite DC heroes and villains. More important, we know our fans do as well. You get as excited as we do when a powerful new adversary is announced, when a new trailer is unveiled or when a very famous Kryptonian pays a visit to his National City cousin. You talk about it, speculate about it and discuss it with your fellow fans. You ship different characters, livetweet new episodes and dive into the comic book source material, just so you can learn more about what’s going on. You form enthusiastic, passionate fanbases that turn out en masse at San Diego Comic-Con and other conventions. So it’s for our fans that we’re pleased to introduce the #DCTV Couch Club.

What is it? The #DCTV Couch Club is a team of four different writers, each covering a different show for us here on DCComics.com. Look for their posts to go live in the blog after each new episode, and provide some commentary, insight or a fun perspective on what you just saw. The idea is to increase your enjoyment of our shows, while also offering you a place on our site to share your thoughts and engage with your fellow fans. That’s right. All four of these writers are professionals, but they’re also huge fans of the shows they’ll be covering.

So let’s meet the club! Allow us to introduce you to the four people who will be covering our CW TV shows for us this season…

Amy Ratcliffe – Supergirl

I'm an entertainment journalist that covers television, but more importantly, I'm a fan. I get such joy from watching Kara Danvers embrace her superpowers and fight for National City. We have a live-action Supergirl leading her own show; I still have to pinch myself sometimes. As Kara's learned about the weight of her responsibilities, I've learned from her. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Ashley V. Robinson – The Flash

Hi, I'm Ashley Victoria Robinson. I am a Canadian lady now living in the United States. I like to think that this makes me like the Flash "of two worlds." (Haha!) You may have seen me on the DC Fans Channel recently, reviewing FUTURE QUEST as a part of the #DCHannaBarbera Book Club.

The Flash TV show is very near and dear to my heart because it does all the cool, weird comic book-y stuff I've been hoping to see my entire life. As a huge fan of musical theater, Jesse L. Martin has made me a fan of the show for life (can you believe they let him sing on Earth-2!?). 

I'm excited to highlight a ton of DC Easter Eggs for you, point out Vancouver landmarks you could visit and share my vast abiding love for Wally West with the world!

Matt Ross – Arrow

My name is Matt Ross. I'm a guy from the Midwest. Sort of like Superman...minus the superpowers, chiseled jawline and perfect hair. I grew up on a steady diet of skateboarding, hockey, movies and comics. I’m proud to say that over the years, my appetite hasn't changed a bit. Being a fan of the Star City hero, I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to cover Arrow!

Meg Downey – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Hey! I'm Meg. I'm a comics history and continuity mega-nerd with a big, glaring soft spot for superhero teams—the more ragtag and complicated, the better. So, clearly, Legends of Tomorrow was pretty much designed in a lab somewhere to exploit a ton of my biggest weaknesses, right? I mean, come on. And as if the Legends themselves weren't filling my misfit band of heroes quota enough, we're getting the JSA this season too? This is going to be wild.

Look for the first two #DCTV Couch Club columns to hit the site next week, right after the premieres of The Flash on Tuesday, 10/4 and Arrow on Wednesday, 10/5. See you then!