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Save Big On Batman Digital Comics from Throughout the Dark Knight's Storied History

Save Big On Batman Digital Comics from Throughout the Dark...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, September 13th, 2016


For more than 75 years, Batman has been one of the most popular and beloved super heroes in the world, and the Caped Crusader’s stories are some of the greatest in the history of comics.

This year, to celebrate Batman Day 2016, DC has put 100 Batman digital periodicals from all the eras of comics on sale for 99¢ each in the ROAD TO BATMAN DAY: BATMAN THROUGH THE AGES SALE. From now through 9/19/16, save on classic and modern tales of the Bat like the ones spotlighted below!


Including his debut in DETECTIVE COMICS #27, the Golden Age saw several firsts for Batman like his first time in the Bat-plane in DETECTIVE COMICS #30-31, his first meeting with his sidekick Robin in DETECTIVE COMICS #38, his first story with Superman in ALL-STAR COMICS #7 and the launch of his first solo series in BATMAN #1.


At the dawn of the Silver Age, Batman had come out of the alleyways of Gotham City and joined the Justice League of America as one of its founding members in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28. Other highlights from this seminal period in the history of Batman include the first appearances of Batgirl in DETECTIVE COMICS #359 and Poison Ivy in BATMAN #181 and the landmark issue, BATMAN #200.


TV shows, movies, comics—Batman was everywhere by the time the Bronze Age began. In the comics, creators like Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams began to take the Dark Knight’s stories to places they’d never gone before like in the debut of the villainous Ra’s al Ghul in BATMAN #232, the first appearance of Man-Bat in DETECTIVE COMICS #400, and in classic Joker tales such as “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” in BATMAN #251 and the two-part “The Laughing Fish” in BATMAN #475 and #476.


Beginning in the 1980s, the Modern Age of Comics was ushered in with more realistic, grittier stories such as the iconic “Year One” storyline by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli in BATMAN #404, #405, #406 and #407 and the controversial “Death in the Family” in BATMAN #426, #427, #428 and #429. More standout stories from the current age of comics include BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, “Batman and Son” beginning with BATMAN #655 and Jim Lee’s BATMAN: EUROPA.

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Happy Batman Day!