The thing about animated movies: you get ONE take on your new world. And you make it rich and varied and exciting, but it's two hours long, so all these great ideas you have just don't fit.

That's where the Justice League: Gods and Monsters comics come in! We sat JM DeMatteis down with Bruce Timm, and let them bounce ideas around. We know Superman's back story from the film, but what's it REALLY like growing up with the Guerras instead of the Kents? Bekka's not going to age like a human, so how long HAS this refugee from New Genesis been on Earth—and what's she been doing this whole time? Kirk Langstrom was trying to save himself from a death sentence, so how did he adjust to life with a super power that can make him a killer? And every super team has a mission that unites them, but when do they learn to trust each other?

Add in the fun of seeing artists expand the look of the world, and the sheer breadth of the material available daily just after you see the movie? It's an unbeatable combination.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a new daily digital first comic series that helps set up the upcoming animated film. Tomorrow, the series kicks off a three-part Superman story that’s written by JM DeMatteis and Bruce Timm with art by Moritat. You can enjoy a sneak peek of Chapter 1 below!

Like what you see? Click here to read the three-part Batman story, which concluded today.