"Sneak Peeks" of June Titles in May CONVERGENCE Miniseries -- WEEK 4

"Sneak Peeks" of June Titles in May CONVERGENCE...

By Clark Bull Monday, April 27th, 2015

Get ready for more 'sneak peaks' into June's titles! BATGIRL, WE ARE... ROBIN, CYBORG, HARLEY QUINN, SINESTRO and more! Where can you get them? Keep reading...

Beginning with DC COMICS: DIVERGENCE (FCBD) on May 2nd and continuing week by week in the May issues of the CONVERGENCE miniseries, we’re including 8-page “sneak peeks” at the new and continuing titles arriving this June. This isn’t excerpted content, but all new, standalone stories that give a glimpse of what fans can expect after CONVERGENCE.

Not only will these previews be included in the monthly miniseries, they’ll also be available as free digital downloads day and date with the monthly books at places like DC Comics.com, Comixology, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Nook (Barnes & Noble) and iVerse.  So with two different flavors available, we’re giving you a taste of what’s next and a head start on choosing your universe come June. Be sure to check them out!

*Sneak Peeks of BATMAN, SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE from Free Comic Book Day will be available to read digitally on May 6th.

Here’s the lineup for the fourth and final week of sneak peeks!

May 27th

CONVERGENCE: INFINITY INC. #2 features a bonus BATGIRL story written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and illustrated by Babs Tarr.
As she struggles to evacuate hostages from a video-game inspired death trap, Barbara Gordon shows how her mind is superior to any software!

CONVERGENCE: BOOSTER GOLD #2 features a bonus EARTH 2: SOCIETY story written by Daniel H. Wilson and illustrated by Jorge Jimenez. 
The heroes of this new Earth battle over a mysterious device that could remake their old world or destroy the new one.

CONVERGENCE: BLUE BEETLE #2 features a bonus BLACK CANARY story written by Brenden Fletcher and illustrated by Annie Wu.
Dinah's made enemies from the second she stepped onto the scene as frontwoman of Black Canary -- and now she's got to fight her way past an enormous Black Metal adversary to get to the next show!

CONVERGENCE: CRIME SYNDICATE #2 features a bonus CYBORG story written by David Walker and illustrated by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.
The ultimate tech hero thought he knew everything about his unique cybernetic body.  He was wrong…

CONVERGENCE: DETECTIVE COMICS #2 features a bonus THE FLASH story written by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen and illustrated by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund.
Barry Allen is being hunted by Professor Zoom and his new team of villains.

CONVERGENCE: PLASTIC MAN AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS #2 features a bonus HARLEY QUINN story written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by Chad Hardin.
It's orientation day for Harley's new team of amazing assistants, the Gang of Harleys -- and that means it's time to hand out code names! Readers with severe pun allergies are advised to put this comic book down now, before it's too late.

CONVERGENCE: JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #2 features a bonus SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN story written by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Paulo Siqueira. 
A de-powered and injured Man of Steel looks to re-energize himself by plunging into the sun. Wonder Woman is there to stop him.

CONVERGENCE: WORLD'S FINEST COMICS #2 features a bonus WE ARE…ROBIN story written by Lee Bermejo and illustrated by Jorge Corona.
A new team of teens coordinate to take down a weapons shipment at the docks and spread the word that there's a new "Robin" in town.

CONVERGENCE: SHAZAM! #2 features a bonus CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER story written by Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV and illustrated by Riley Rossmo.
John Constantine doing what John Constantine does best: playing both sides, conning everyone, and manipulating events in his favor regardless of the price. The price here: selling out a twenty-something fashion designer to die at the hands of flesh-eating demons.

CONVERGENCE: ACTION COMICS #2 features a bonus SINESTRO story written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy.
A traitor lurks within the Sinestro Corps, and it's one of Sinestro's closest confidantes! But treachery is only part of a day's work for the leader of the fear lanterns, along with saving the last of his race and instilling peace in a universe gone lawless. But what other clandestine objective is Sinestro looking to fulfill?