Happy Wednesday, DC Collectors! As you know, today is new comic book day, but around here, it’s also the day for new action figures as well. Yesterday, we gave you an early look at Hawkman, the newest action figure in our DC Comics – The New 52 line. So which great New 52 super hero or villain will follow in Hawkman’s footsteps? Er, airstream…er…

Which great New 52 character will be the next New 52 action figure?

Well, we haven’t decided yet and we’d love your help! Below is a poll featuring twenty DC Comics – The New 52 characters that haven’t yet received the action figure treatment. Which one would you like to see as a DC Collectibles action figure? Let us know your pick and you just may see it show up in 2015.

Thanks for participating, and have a great new action figure day!