This is the second in a series of posts designed specifically to help DC Comics fans who are completely new to MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) get started on Infinite Crisis, DC Entertainment’s brand new, free-to-play online game. For part one of the series, click here.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’re going to dive a little deeper into Infinite Crisis’ core elements, starting with choosing the best character for you and your team.

As we mentioned yesterday, in a MOBA, characters are referred to as “champions” and they fight as part of a team of five. Each champion is defined as a certain type and possesses a unique set of skills. Knowing the different champion types will help you know what to expect when you choose a certain character, so let’s look at them…

Enforcers: These guys are burly. They can take a lot of damage before they go down. In Infinite Crisis, the Enforcers include Wonder Woman, Mecha Superman and Atomic Poison Ivy.

Assassins: They have a hardcore name and can deal a lot of damage, but Assassins are frail. Assassins include Nightmare Batman, Gaslight Catwoman and the Flash.

Bruisers: Otherwise known as splitting the difference. Bruisers rest halfway between the Enforcer and Assassin types and include Superman, Batman and Doomsday.

Blasters: You’re playing a super hero. A Blaster is the type to choose if you want to fight like one as well. They do all of their damage with their super powers and include Green Lantern, Catwoman and the Joker.

Marksmen: Marksmen are the opposite of Blasters. They do all of their damage with their basic attacks. Green Arrow, Cyborg and Mecha Wonder Woman are all Marksmen.

Controllers: More or less what they sound like. Controllers use their abilities to manipulate their opponents and include Harley Quinn, Zatanna and Robin.

You can image breakdowns of six different champion types in the image gallery at the top of this page.

Just as Each Champion is Unique, so is Their Set of Skills and Abilities

All champions possess a basic attack which you use by right clicking on your target with your mouse. This can be a melee or ranged attack depending on the character. In addition to the basics, each champion also possesses a set of unique skills. In Infinite Crisis, these skills are inspired by the character’s super powers and role in the comics. To get an idea of what these skills can be and how they tie-in with the character, check out the below profile videos for two of our newest champions: Aquaman and Green Arrow.

In addition to their unique skills, each champion also possesses two “stolen powers” that you select before you start the match. This allows you to further customize your characters to play to your strengths.

To use a skill in the game, you can either left click on the skill from the menu, or press the Q, W, E or R key.

So…How Do You Choose a Champion?

There’s a lot to this question, and it varies depending on whether you’re playing solo or teaming up with your friends. If you’re playing with friends, you’re going to want to choose a champion that complements your team. Now this can mean a lot of things, but it’s never a good idea to start with some diversity. You probably don’t want a team made up entirely of one type, but you don’t necessarily need to pick five different types either.

If you’re brand new to the world of MOBA gaming, we suggest just starting with a character you like. If you’re a huge Catwoman fan, why not start with her? (You can stick with the familiar version of her, or mix things up a little bit and select Gaslight Catwoman.) You’ll soon get a sense of that character type, and if it’s not for you, try a different type. For example, Catwoman is a Blaster, so if you try her and she feels COMPLETELY counterintuitive, you may want to try using a Marksman next time.

Just remember that no matter what champion you start with, it’s going to take a little time for you to start getting a feel for the gameplay and to settle on a champion (or set of champions) that really play to your strengths. So don’t lose heart if at first things don’t go too well at first. Stick with it. You’ll soon choose the right champion to lead you and your team to victory!

We’ll be back tomorrow with another MOBA 101 post. However, if you’d like to learn more, we suggest checking out the “Getting Started” section on the Infinite Crisis website:

To sign up and start playing now: