Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday! This week, we’re giving you exclusive first looks at THE GREEN TEAM: TEEN TRILLIONAIRES #8 and FABLES #137.

First, in THE GREEN TEAM: TEEN TRILLIONAIRES #8, Riot is creating clones faster than the Green Team can take them out! Once the dust settles on this final issue, what will the teen team do with all their money and power? Written by Art Baltazar and Franco and illustrated by Ig Guara, J.P. Mayer, Julio Ferreira and Mariah Benes, THE GREEN TEAM: TEEN TRILLIONAIRES #8 will be available in stores this Wednesday.

Then, in FABLES #137, the battle lines in “Camelot” are being drawn. The North Wind has picked her side, and it’s no surprise who she’s backing - considering whose daughter she is! And the roles of the old Camelot storyline are still being filled! Rose Red is clearly the new King Arthur in this telling, and she’s wielding power the old Arthur never dreamed of! Pick up your copy of FABLES #137, written by Bill Willingham and illustrated by Mark Buckingham and Russ Braun, when it hits shelves this Wednesday.