GREEN LANTERN #20 Marks The End of an Emerald Era

GREEN LANTERN #20 Marks The End of an Emerald Era

By Alex Nagorski Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

GREEN LANTERN #20 hits stores today and not only does this oversized issue contain the epic final chapter of the “Wrath of the First Lantern” saga, but it also marks the end of legendary scribe Geoff Johns’ time writing the series. Spanning more than 100 story issues over almost ten years, Geoff has breathed new life into one of DC’s most iconic characters and truly created a universe worthy of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

In addition to a stunning story, GREEN LANTERN #20 also contains words of praise from dozens of members of the entertainment industry who have had the privilege of working with and/or being a fan of Geoff over the years. Here are just a few:

“Geoff, you’ve been my hero since I was a kid, but the day you started working for me and you totaled my car, I knew our future would be interesting. Love you.” - Richard Donner

“Geoff, there’s a special magic in watching a writer take a character and a region of comics that nobody else believed in and create a whole universe on its back. You polished up the ring in many colours, and made it glow.” - Neil Gaiman

“From biggest fan to best of friends in just a few short years! Congratulations!” - Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer/Writer, ARROW

“Geoff, congratulations! You are a wonderful person and a master storyteller. You taught a whole new generation to love comics and reminded the rest us why we did.”- Greg Berlanti, Executive Producer/Writer, ARROW

“With customary diligence, Geoff Johns set about polishing Green Lantern’s light to a prismatic radiance that illuminated new corners of an old franchise. His expansive, myth-making imagination brought fresh life and new meaning to sector 2814 and beyond, and his remarkable work will remain the standard for a generation.” - Grant Morrison

“Through brightest day/And darkest night/Geoff Johns, you wrote/Green Lantern right!” - Dave Gibbons

“No one gets to the heart of a character like Geoff. His GREEN LANTERN must rank among the most beautifully realized character overhauls in the history of the medium.” - Gary Frank

Pick up your copy of the must-have GREEN LANTERN #20 today and read the conclusion to one of the most storied runs in comic book history!