BATMAN: EARTH ONE in stores tomorrow!

BATMAN: EARTH ONE in stores tomorrow!

By Alex Nagorski Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Tomorrow will see the release of BATMAN: EARTH ONE, an original graphic novel re-imagining the World’s Greatest Detective as a flawed and fallible young man fumbling his way through feelings of isolation by pinning them on a quest for vengeance. This Batman is no protector of innocents; he’s an angry vigilante with little interest in heroics, and with a lot to learn about the city’s mean streets.


BATMAN: EARTH ONE comes to you from the acclaimed and reunited creative team of #1 New York Times bestselling author Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank. Together, these two talents will present a new vision of the Batman mythology – not as a caped crusader, but as a lonely young man lashing out at the city that robbed him of his family. In this book, Johns and Frank explore the story you think you know, but with new twists on the well-known origin, new interpretations of classic characters and a gritty, contemporary setting as the narrative’s backdrop.


To learn more about BATMAN: EARTH ONE, check out some interviews with Geoff Johns that ran this past week in USA TODAY, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES’ HERO COMPLEX, THE HUFFINGTON POST, BUZZFEED and MTV GEEK. And what’s more, each one of these interviews are accompanied by an exclusive preview of the book!


BATMAN: EARTH ONE will be released in comic book stores tomorrow and in bookstores everywhere on July 10. No mere retelling of the well-known mythology, this is the story of a flawed, would-be hero, of a man who is not yet master of Gotham’s shadows, and of Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman.