Yesterday, we announced DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #1. Today, we’re pleased to announce that another superhero you may or may not have heard of will be getting a special Annual issue of his own: Superman.


“Ever wonder what's out there beyond the farthest known reaches of the DC Universe?” writer Keith Giffen teased to THE SOURCE. “Superman's about to get the answer to that - in spades - as we introduce an entirely new cosmic realm and drop him into the middle of it. The DC Universe's cosmic presence is about to be dramatically expanded and it all starts with ... a game show?”


"Captured and transported to an alien world, Superman will fight for his life against the galaxy's best equipped bounty hunters,” editor Pat McCallum told THE SOURCE about the 48-page issue. “It's all part of a planet-wide reality game, televised live and used to raise money for...something. BONUS: Some unexpected help in the form of a deep-cover agent of the Green Lantern Corps!”


SUPERMAN ANNUAL #1 will fly into stores on August 29th.


(SUPERMAN ANNUAL #1 cover by Tyler Kirkham and Batt )