REAL NAME: Apros OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Former Honor Guard/GLTrainer BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 3 HOMEWORLD: 7Pi HEIGHT: 8'2'' WEIGHT: 340 lbs EYES: None HAIR: None FIRST APPEARANCE: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1 (May 1981) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: In charge of patrolling one of the earliest Sectors charted by the Guardians of the Universe, this plant-like being is one of the oldest and most revered of the Green Lantern Corps. Apros' roots, like those of his people, go deep with the Guardians. He helped to establish the Green Lantern Honor Guard--a status given to a highly decorated Green Lantern who has gone above and beyond their duties to the Corps. The Honor Guard has privileges beyond those of normal Corps members like going beyond their assigned Sector to enforce the law if need be. After the most recent rebirth of the GL Corp, and surviving his captivity as a slave and being saved by the grandiose Guy Gardner, Apros has retired from Honor Guard duties and instead uses his powerful psionic abilities to help new recruits overcome their fears. Attributes:
  • Long lived, Apros has seen many conflicts in service of the Corps.
  • Psionic powers allow him to identify weaknesses in friend or foe.
  • Loyal to the Guardians of the Universe and his fellow Honor Guard Tomar-Re and K'ryssma.
  • A powerful and strong mind make his ring creations some of the most potent in the GL Corps.


REAL NAME: Morro OCCUPATION: Green Lantern Crypt Keeper BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 666 HOMEWORLD: Sarc HEIGHT: Unknown WEIGHT: Unknown EYES: Black HAIR: None FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern Vol. 4 #12 (July 2006) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: The harsh dessert world of Sarc has bred equally unyielding inhabitants from the lizard-like beings who socialize in tribes to the winged beasts that fly through its skies. The nights are no better, as it is the time that other predators make their way across the sands. It is a world where fear has died of sunstroke and will is the only sustenance. Yet it is place from where one of the most compassionate Green Lanterns hails from. Once part of a nomadic tribe known as the Relentless due to their ability to go on for weeks without any food or drink, Morro learned to appreciate life in the face of death. He had thought to avenge his brother from dragon like creatures known as dratures, but only after killing their mother did Morro find the creatures to be innocent. He befriended them and they helped save him and his brother, who had also been left to perish by their tribe. Now Morro, along with his fierce dratures, has volunteered to keep a vigil over all that have fallen in service of the Corps. He makes sure their memory, their light continues to burn bright. Attributes:
  • Sullen, Morro keeps to himself save for his pet dratures, as he devotes himself to preserving the marker statues of each dead Green Lantern in the crypts of Oa.
  • Indominable, the harsh life he endured on his dessert homeworld taught Morro never to give up no matter the odds against him.
  • A calm spirit, Morro's ring constructs are very simple.