cinar_legion_01-pin-up It’s simple, really. When readers think of the Legion of Super-Heroes, they think of writer Paul Levitz. Specifically, they think of Levitz’s groundbreaking work on the series, which included the epic “Great Darkness Saga” -- a story that helped modernize comic book storytelling and story structure. Well, he’s back. This Spring, Levitz will team up with rising star artist Yildiray Cinar to launch LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1, telling tales of the far-flung future, featuring your favorite Legionnaires – every month. Wait, you want more? Sure, we can do that. Here are a few more sketches from Yildiray which should give you a sense of what the future will look like. saturngirl_bycinar cosmicboy_bycinar But what’s Mr. Levitz have to say about it all? Let’s ask him. Paul? “It’s such fun to be back in the future, blowing up planets, undoing Legion marriages, revealing unrevealed factoids, and starting improbable new relationships. If there’s a better job in comics than writing the Legion, with its vast cast and creative opportunities, I’ve never held it.” lightninglad_bycinar And if that isn’t enough Legion news for you, click over to sci-fi blog for Levitz’s first lengthy comments on his return to the future.