Chris Bachalo


Chris Bachalo is an artist whose body of comic book work covers a wide spectrum of genres; ranging from fantasy and science fiction to super hero and action-adventure.  His work for DC Comics includes stints on the critically acclaimed SANDMAN series, DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING and SHADE: THE CHANGING MAN for DC’s Vertigo imprint as well as the creator-owned projects THE WITCHING HOUR, with co-creator Jeph Loeb, and STEAMPUNK, with co-creator Joe Kelly.  His other comic book work includes among others Wolverine & the X-Men, Captain America, and the quirky Generation X, which he co-created with Scott Lobdell for Marvel Comics.  In addition to his comics work, Chris has provided artwork for publications such as MAD Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and Playstation Magazine, and for companies such as Activision, EA Games and Def Jam Records.  Chris is a Canadian citizen and was born in Portage La Prairie, Canada. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife, Helen, his son, Dylan, and his Siamese fighting fish, Spike Four.