Possessing vibratory powers as well as the ability to open interdimensional portals, Vibe became the first Latin American hero to join the Justice League when he became a member of the street-smart team known as “Justice League Detroit.”

Growing up in Michigan, Francisco “Cisco” Ramon discovered he possessed the ability to emit intense vibratory shockwaves. At first, he ignored the calling of a hero and instead became the leader of a local street gang called “Los Lobos.” But when the original JLA disbanded and was later reformed and set up shop in his hometown, Ramon took on the codename Vibe and joined the team, where he quickly earned the respect of veteran Leaguers like Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter.

Although his time with the League was brief, Vibe proved himself a true hero and was fondly remembered by his teammates after he was killed in action. Yet fittingly, Vibe’s history was itself shaken up (in this case by the events of Flashpoint). Today, Vibe lives again. He’s learned that he gained his powers when he was caught in the event horizon of a Boom Tube during an invasion from Apokolips and interdimensional forces rewrote his DNA. This allows him to not only create powerful vibrations, but also to create interdimensional portals enabling Cisco to save lives anywhere in the multiverse. Not bad for a boy who wasn’t sure he wanted to be a hero!


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