Iris West

The love of Barry Allen's life, Iris West is a hero in her own right as an investigative reporter in the Flash's hometown, Central City.

It takes a special kind of person to keep up with the Fastest Man Alive, but luckily for Barry Allen, Iris West is more than up to the challenge. An endlessly driven reporter for Central City Picture News, Iris has been a constant figure in the landscape of Central City and in the lives of multiple Flashes.

Through time-travel paradoxes, cosmic crises and personal catastrophes, Iris’ bravery in the face of danger and devotion to doing what’s right have made her indispensable to the people who know her, including many of the world’s superheroes, despite the fact that she has no powers of her own.


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Character Facts

Base of Operations:
Central City
First Appearance
SHOWCASE #4 (1956)

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