Thomas Curry

The father of Aquaman, lighthouse keeper Tom Curry's life was forever changed when he encountered Atlanna, Queen of the lost city of Atlantis.

Thomas Curry was a lighthouse keeper who lived in Amnesty Bay, Maine, who while seeming like an ordinary man to most who would meet him, was actually the father of the heir to the throne of Atlantis, Aquaman. As a young man, Curry was once caught in a fierce storm at sea. It was a wandering Atlantean Queen Atlanna who saved him from certain death, and the pair fell in love and got married. Eventually, they would have a son, which they named Arthur. When Atlanna was forced to return to Atlantis to perform her royal duties and take the throne, she left Tom Curry to raise their son alone in seclusion, as Atlanna was fearful her Atlantean enemies would seek to destroy her human family.

For more on Thomas Curry's history, visit his page on DCUniverse.com.


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