Stephen Shin

A marine biologist obsessed with discovering the secrets of Atlantis, Dr. Stephen Shin was one of Aquaman's allies before his hunt for knowledge turned deadly.

Stephen Shin is a marine biologist who was a crucial figure in the life of a young Arthur Curry in the years before becoming Aquaman. One of the few surface dwellers who believed in the legends of Atlantis, Shin had a lifelong obsession with discovering its location. Originally a friend of Arthur's father, Tom Curry, Shin helped Tom train his son, and using his extensive knowledge of marine life, he was able to help young Arthur develop his abilities. Many years later, after Tom Curry's death and Arthur's emergence as Aquaman, Shin turned on the Sea King and tried to have him killed because he refused to divulge the true location of Atlantis to him.

For more on Stephen Shin's history, visit his page on DCUniverse.com.


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