The Phantom Stranger

A member of the infamous Trinity of Sin, the Phantom Stranger agelessly walks the world, vastly knowledgeable and a mystery to everyone he encounters.

Condemned for the crime of betrayal, the Circle of Eternity sentenced the Phantom Stranger and his fellow sinners—the Question and Pandora—to eternal punishments specific to their crimes and vices. For the Stranger, he would forever remain a mystery to those he meets—cursed to see the world, know its destiny but never truly be a part of it.

Throughout history the Stranger has appeared before many heroes, present for some of the most pivotal moments in time. Knowing more than he should and cursed to witness these catastrophes but never intervene himself, he has even gone so far as to influence others’ actions, but to what end, none truly know.

Although many speculate his true origins and purpose, none know for sure—he remains an ally to some, an enemy to others and a stranger to all.


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Character Facts

Immortality, Supernatural knowledge, Teleportation, Intelligence, Energy manipulation
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