Stephanie Brown

Seeing eye-to-eye with your parents can be a challenge for any teen, but when your father happens to be a super-villain in Gotham City? That’s a whole other level of awkward.

Stephanie Brown’s father, Arthur Brown, spent most of Stephanie’s childhood in prison for crimes he committed as the Cluemaster—a second-rate version of the Riddler who could never quite make a name for himself. When he was finally released, claiming he’d been “rehabilitated,” he jumped right back into the super-villain game with no regard for the safety or stability of his family. So, Steph decided to take things into her own hands and “spoil” her father’s schemes. She crafted a superhero identity for herself, the Spoiler, and began working to sabotage the Cluemaster behind his back, leaking info about his plans to Batman, Robin and even the Gotham City Police, intent on putting her father back behind bars for good.

But what started as a mission became her passion: Stephanie fell in love with the superhero lifestyle and the people she met. Growing stronger as Spoiler became Steph’s number-one goal, and she was successful, ultimately becoming Batman’s fourth Robin as well as one of the young women to operate under the name of Batgirl—a moniker she still uses today. Headstrong, outgoing and upbeat, Stephanie’s quick to make friends and unwilling to take no for an answer.


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Alias/Alter Ego:
Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl

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