An almost two-hundred-year-old alien, Icon has reinvented himself throughout the centuries and emerged as a hero in the Justice League and Shadow Cabinet.

The superhero known worldwide as Icon is actually an alien being who hailed from the planet Terminus. In 1839, an extraterrestrial starship travelling near Earth malfunctioned and exploded, but not before one of its passengers found his way onto a life pod, which then crashed in the middle of a cotton field in the American South. As a failsafe, the pod automatically altered the appearance of its inhabitant, named Arnus, to mimic the first sentient life-form he had contact with, who happened to be a slave woman named Miriam. She adopted the young Arnus as her son and he changed his name to Augustus Freeman.

Although Arnus had powers nearly identical to those of Superman, he chose to hide his abilities and live as a normal man, only occasionally using his powers in secret to help others. Barely aging over a century, "Augustus Freeman" would change his identity every few decades, posing as his own son. Now known as Augustus Freeman IV, a "by-the-book" lawyer in Dakota City, he used his powers for the first time in decades on a gang of home intruders—an event that was witnessed by a young, idealistic girl named Raquel Ervin. After seeing Augustus in action, she convinced him to become a superhero so he could serve as an "Icon" to millions who need inspiration. Raquel eventually became his sidekick, calling herself Rocket. While Icon has been a member of teams like the Shadow Cabinet and even the Justice League, these days he’s back to basics, fighting alongside Rocket for the good of Dakota and the world.


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ICON #1 (1993)

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