Simon Baz

The protector of Sector 2814 and the partner of Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern Simon Baz shines the light of justice across the earth and the known universe.

Space Sector 2814, and the planet Earth in particular, has given rise to some of the greatest members of the Green Lantern Corps the universe has ever known. Names like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner are known throughout the cosmos, and following in their footsteps would be no easy task for any ring-slinging rookie. But Dearborn, Michigan’s Simon Baz was up to the challenge.

For a time, Simon Baz carried another weapon with him at all times, making certain that his trusty handgun was always at his side—a huge departure from his predecessors. While it may seem silly at first to the average person, Baz didn’t want to rely entirely on an alien weapon he didn’t fully understand and didn’t exactly trust.

After an intense trial-by-fire period, Simon Baz is now permanently assigned to Earth’s sector as its representative Green Lantern along with his partner, Jessica Cruz. Together they have proven themselves worthy of the mantle of Green Lantern and proudly defend the Earth from all those who would do it harm.


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