Jessica Cruz

The sworn protector of Sector 2814, the power ring-bearing Jessica Cruz has conquered her fears and brought renewed honor to the Green Lantern Corps.

On the surface, Jessica Cruz may seem an unlikely candidate for membership in the Green Lantern Corps, and her road to ring wielder was a long and twisted one. But she holds the distinction of being Sector 2814’s first official female representative in the Corps.

The result of a tragic event in her youth, Jessica suffers from crippling anxiety, and, before becoming an official Lantern, was chosen to wear another kind of weapon—the evil Ring of Volthoom. Unlike a Green Lantern Ring, the Ring of Volthoom chose Jessica for succumbing to fear, not overcoming it. Although the ancient ring was at first a corrupting influence and exerted its control over Jessica, she was eventually able to break free and use its powers for good. After an act of self-sacrifice, Jessica was given a Green Lantern Ring and chosen to become a member of the Corps.

Alongside her frequent partner, Simon Baz, Jessica is now one of two Green Lanterns assigned to the planet Earth and the other planets in its sector of space. Although she still has a lot to learn and many personal obstacles to overcome, she’s proven herself as one of the Earth’s most heroic protectors.

For more on Jessica Cruz's history, visit her page on DCUniverse.com.


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