Mary Bromfield

Drawing her lightning power from the same magic that powers Shazam, Mary Bromfield brings a dose of well-needed maturity to her youthful family of heroes.

Sometimes fate can surprise you. Mary Bromfield was the long-lost twin sister of Billy Batson before they were both orphaned as young children and Mary ended up in the care of the wealthy Bromfield family. Years later, after Billy had unlocked the powers found within the Rock of Eternity and become Shazam, he finally met Mary at a contest being held at the radio station where he worked, WHIZ Radio. Not long after, Mary was kidnapped for ransom money and was saved by Shazam and Captain Marvel Jr. Wondering if she could access the powers of the wizard Shazam like her brother, she uttered the magic words and she too transformed into a superhero and started adventuring as part of the Shazam Family.


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Character Facts

Alias/Alter Ego:
Lady Shazam, Mary Shazam, Mary Bromfield
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