The youngest daughter of Black Lightning and a member of the Justice Society of America, Jennifer Pierce wields electrical powers not unlike those of her father.

The child of Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart, when Jennifer hit adolescence, electrical powers similar to her dad's began to manifest within the young teen. Just like Black Lightning, she had trouble controlling them at first. And much like her older sister Anissa, Jennifer was forbidden from beginning her career as a superhero until she completed her education. But when her father saw how she was struggling to control her powers, which manifested around her body as a glowing electrical aura with lightning-like energy spikes on her head and back, he asked the Justice Society of America to take her in and help her master her abilities. Soon, with a better handle on controlling her seriously powerful abilities, Jennifer took on the identity of Lightning.

As a member of the JSA, Lightning instantly formed a friendship with her teammates and fellow teenagers Stargirl and Cyclone, and also began a romantic relationship with another teammate, Jakeem Thunder. Jennifer has a bit of an ongoing rivalry with her sister Anissa, who despite being older, entered the superhero game after her as Thunder. Forbidden from pursing her heroic career until she was an adult, Anissa resents her younger sister for being allowed to become a teenage superhero. She also believes that Jennifer was always viewed as "the favorite" among her parents. Yet, despite the occasionally heated rivalry, the two sisters always have each other’s back, as well as that of their father, proving that even in the high-stakes realm of superheroism, family always comes first.


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Jennifer Pierce

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