This Women's History Month, we're celebrating women's rights, women's wrongs…and women's weapons! Yes, achievements are important, but what’s it all for if we can’t also have some fun and appreciate just how much ass our female superheroes kick? They do it in ways that are interesting, distinct and pretty darn painful! Just consider their weapons of choice—they’re all as unique as the women who wield them, and you won’t find a single firearm on the list. So, grab your favorite knuckle dusters, put on a couple of gauntlets, and strap a sword to your back. Here are six reasons why you don’t want to mess with the women of the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman's Legendary Lasso of Truth

If we're talking about weapons that are the most powerful in the DCU, it's impossible not to include Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, which still stands as one of the greatest inventions in comic book history. Not only is it perfectly suited to the heroine who wields it, but it's such a unique device that it's hard to really get your head around what seems like a deceptively simple idea. Although it's evolved over the years from a more bondage-inspired weapon to the truth-telling instrument that we know now, the Lasso has always been by Wonder Woman's side. In fact, it’s so iconic that, just like Diana herself, the Lasso has been reimagined again and again for almost every major era of the DC Universe. But whether it was formed from the Girdle of Gaia or Aphrodite, or crafted by Hephaestus or Metala, it's long been a vital piece of Wonder Woman, Amazon and DC lore.

Harley Quinn's Definitely Not Magical Mallet

Though Harley's mallet is more of a fashion statement than anything else, it has so much energy and zeal that it's hard not to include it here. Instantly recognizable and a cosplayer's dream, the massive mallet has been her weapon of choice since she was the Joker's sidekick. Now, of course, she's an emancipated woman with her own TV series—where the Joker smashed her mallet, RUDE!—and series of movies, but she hasn't left the humble hammer behind. Instead, she's made it a key part of who she is. It's ramshackle, rambunctious and unexpected, just like Harley herself. How has it survived this long? Does she have multiple mallets for different outfits? Are they actually cartoonishly super-powered? Those questions are above my pay grade, but one thing's for sure: if you see Harley around town, it's more than likely she'll have her mallet!

Big Barda's Mega-Powerful Mega-Rod

She's big, she's bad, she's brilliant, and she's also got a super cool weird weapon that most people in the DCU can't even comprehend. Taking the Apokoliptian technology of the Boom Tube and translating it into a slimmed down easy to use handheld weapon, the Mega-Rod can do a great many things. Want to go to a different dimension? DONE! Feel like popping to the shops but don't want to walk? Also good to go! Need to destroy an enemy transport with massive concussive blasts? Guess what, the Mega-Rod can do that too! One of the best things about Barda's weapon of choice, though, is that if anyone else tries to use it, they'll get turned into a brainwashed minion of Darkseid seeing as it works as a broadcast tool for his propaganda. So, unless you're as strong-willed as Big Barda, best to leave this one to the big girl.

Hawkgirl's Thrilling Thanagarian Nth Metal Mace

Speaking of strong babes with wieldable weapons, let's talk about Hawkgirl and her extremely cosmic Thanagarian Nth Metal Mace. Do you know how freaking sick a weapon would have to be so that even if you're living life over and over again throughout all millenia, in different bodies, different guises and occasionally updated costumes, you’d still choose it every single time? That's the case with Hawkgirl's Nth Metal Mace. No matter where these babes turn up post-reincarnation, they'll always have their awesome gravity-defying Nth metal weapon. And why wouldn’t they, considering the magical, moldable metal can give its users immense powers. Hawkgirl's super cool costume utilizes Nth metal to fly, but it's really that morning star mace that makes her one of the must-have inclusions in this very important Women's History Month article.

Nubia's Underrated Staff of Understanding

Stephanie Williams, Vita Ayala and Alitha Martinez blessed us with a great many things, including this radical reimagining of the Lasso of Truth. Rather than giving Nubia the same weapon as her sometime sister Diana, the team crafted something entirely new in the Staff of Understanding. Not only does Nubia's weapon act as the Staff that it presents as, but it can also be utilized to manifest the intentions of its user. So far, its only wielder has been Nubia, whose connection to the magic of Themyscira makes the pairing extra powerful. Just like Hawkgirl's home planet blessed her with her mace, the Staff of Understanding is crafted from precious metals on Themyscira and embedded with a stone that Nubia was gifted by the great goddesses of the Isle. So, if you think manifestation is a superpower, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Katana's Super Sick Soultaker Sword

I'm not going to say that we left the best till last because I love all of these weapons and women equally, but there is something decidedly and delightfully edgy about Katana's soul-devouring sword. This ancient and legendary blade was crafted by the swordsmith known as Muramasa and eventually found its way into the hands of the Outsiders' Katana. Now the pair are rarely separated and, with every life she takes, the souls become part of the sword. Katana is equally haunted and helped by those who reside within. In more current continuity, the sword also imbues Katana with immortality, which is useful when you're helping to lead the Suicide Squad or fighting the biggest heroes and villains within the DC Universe on a daily basis!

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